Found this poor little thing in the gutter, the metal gutter is exposed to the sun all day. If it is not rescued, it will be dead by end of the day for sure.

I am not into birds and have no clues what the proper terms of bird anatomy. It has huge rubbery yellow lips on either side of the beak.

Day 2

I discovered this little birdie is a myna (八哥鳥). I fed mashed papaya and some oat porridge. It is now strong enough to squeak when it is hungry, which is every hour or so. And it poops after every meal. At tonight, it is placed under a desk lamp, the light bulb keeps it warm.

Day 3

I guess this is just like looking after a new born baby. Feeding, changing diaper, sleeping, feeding, changing diaper ….

Day 4

RIP little birdie.

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