Make a living or make a life? We believe it’s possible to integrate work and life, and third life in Dulan is our experiment to make this happen.

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  1. Hello,
    We are curious about “nache villa”, and we are wondering if it is a hotel or private house,cause we see the pictures here,and we really like it !
    So we hope that we can visit it .

      1. 您好
        在地標上 看到您有去過那界 冒昧的請教您 如何能住宿的方式
        不知道有沒有機會 能引介入住 如果有此機會 十分的感謝
        Bloggers share your private villas introduce recognize Nache Villa
          On Landmarks
        See that you have been Nache Villa
        Take the liberty to ask how you can stay the way
        I do not know there is no chance
        Intervention can lead to live?
          If there are very grateful for this opportunity

  2. 您好再一次偶然的機會中經過了您的飯店,我們是一對設計師夫妻,請問是否有機會在七月時可以去台東您的飯店度過一周的假期?

  3. Hi there,
    How are you today?!
    I’d like to book and please send me your contact no. .
    Kate Hsieh

  4. Any ideas on how to get a “referral” for Nache Villa? My fiancé an I would like to stay there for our honeymoon.
    I drove past last weekend, and rang the doorbell, but no one answered. Would love any advice you may have.


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