剛調好一杯Sundowner 輕調酒,準備敬自己努力的一天。抬頭一看,火焰紅的天空美極了。火燒雲的天空,就是那一瞬間,5分鐘。
Time for a sundowner. Amaretto Sour is perfect for this amazing sunset. 

Kuo Yen Fu, the artist






這是牛皮菇,只長在芒果樹幹的菌菇。朋友說可吃的,但我不敢吃。An edible fungus found only on mango tree trunk.

Salon as a third place

Getting a haircut is a ritual whenever I am in Taitung. It so happen that I go back once every three to four weeks, perfect timing for a trim.
Shuqing gave me some bananas, a local variety that is humongous. They may look green but are ripe now.

Yam 芋頭

My neighbour came this morning, bearing a gift from his garden, a yam plant. The root has many tiny new shoots, which I removed and planted in a spot with plenty of water. Yam needs high humidity to grow well.

The part that is edible is the black part, only about 10cm in length, but double in volume once cooked.