Black rice 黑米

Experimenting with a new type of rice, black rice. Instead of turning golden yellow on maturity, the black rice is a mix of black, red and yellow. Really pretty.

Inspired by nature

I learned how to be playful and creative today. Anything can be a toy or resource. This is the leaves of a common roadside plant yet I had never thought of using them as clothing decoration .

Sea grapes 

Fresh, wild sea grapes (umi budo, caulerpa lentillifera) of Okinawa, now grown locally in Taitung. Milan Japanese Grill House 美浪居酒屋 is run by Yasuhiro 鴨子, half Japanese and half Taiwanese surfer from Kaohsiung who fell in love with the surf here in Donghe. Only Japanese curry is served for lunch service but dinner will be the freshest seafood, catch of the day.

Tiny tot

Clearing the coconut trees this morning. Saw a squirrel jump from the frond of one tree to another. The crew realized there's a nest and before they could do anything, something fell to the ground with a loud thud. It was this tiny little thing, scared out of her wits. Trembling and heart beating real fast. It was probably also feeling cold as he had just been separated from this first home.

The nomad way of living 野 遊牧

SAMSUNG VISION LAB 系列講座|The Nomad Way-野游牧 - 背山面海只是一種選擇 許多人向山裡去追尋自我,面對磅礡自然的野性,而游牧這樣的新生活姿態,之於現代工業社會也擁有迥異於過往的魅力。位於台灣東部的都蘭部落,背山面海的先天環境、多元開放的人文特質,強烈吸引著肯夢創辦人朱平與Nonzero負責人陳郁敏。他們平日落點台北,定期切換生活場景前進都蘭,兩人並非單純於此打造一棟鄉間度假住宅,而是透過有意識的空間主張,運用各種行動科技,讓身體更貼近大自然的運行節奏。行動通訊裝置的誕生始於拉近人與人的距離,在真實手機即刻影像記錄和虛擬網路即時分享間,產生了一種數位游牧的嶄新概念。  

Edible Garden

The garden is looking great. Tomatoes are growing well, after a scary start due to fruit flies and blight. The insect net proved to be the right solution, so was heavy pruning to provide better airflow.   IMG_1898 IMG_1894 IMG_1895 IMG_1924