Finally bite the dust

 Hand knitted sweater from 30 years ago, huge sentimental value. Casualty of Typhoon Nepartak. Sat in the damp closet (leaking wall) for over a month. It was mouldy and this is  what’s left of it after a wash!

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On site meeting

Construction work is all about solving problems and making decisions. This time it is about the doors and door frames. I imagine very tall doors eliminating the door frame while the site supervisor thought he had to build the concrete wall to frame the door.

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穗花棋盤腳 開花了 Part 3

By the time we got home at 7pm, all the flowers had opened except one. We got to witness the magic moment. The main action lasts around one hour and full bloom is two hours.

Didn’t have a tripod so pardon the shakiness in this time lapse video. I hand held the iPhone for about 40 minutes.

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穗花棋盤腳 開花了 Part 2



The action was between 6pm and 8.30pm and we completely missed it! Thought there were more blooming to come so we got the chairs, made some tea and waited for two hours and nothing happened. Let’s hope we will catch the action tomorrow. 

8.30am (12 hours later)

2.30pm (18hours later)

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Lobster treat

I have never cooked lobster before. Neighbour gave me 10 baby lobsters. They are still alive! Seems a straight forward steps: boil water, dump the lobsters into pot, cook until ready (lobster turned red). Let’s give it a try.

They are still alive!

3 minutes only and they are turning red.
4 minutes. They are cooked.

What is it going to be, lobster bisque or Chinese style lobster rice porridge with spring onion and ginger?

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