mouse food

My beautiful Bacsac pots are no match for Taitung mouse. I need to do something to prevent a mouse infestation soon.

As the night sky turns into daybreak

At 4am, I am normally sound asleep. This morning, Ping was already up and he had been outside (got up to pee). On this summer night cooled by the breeze from the mountain, the summer constellations are all visible, even in the presence of very bright moon, the type that would cast moon shadow on the ground.

This is the moment that we want to capture in our mind’s eyes.

Mirror beach is back!


A huge typhoon several years ago altered the land contour, and turned this beach into a pebble beach. Beautiful but not that easy to enjoy. The sand is now back and at low tide we can run on the beach again! Enjoy


It’s June, it’s summertime, and we are treated to a nightly fireworks of the blossoming flowers of small-leave barringtonia. An水茄苳/水茄苳.htm


Found a pair of emerald coloured beetles greeting me at the door this morning. The baby flew away before I could take a picture. Now I finally understood why people would be inspired to make jewellery of these gorgeous beetles.作物病蟲害與肥培管理技術資料/果樹/落葉果樹/葡萄/蟲害/葡萄-台灣青銅金龜.htm