The day the electric pole went down 電線桿被撞斷的那一天

Woken up by the sound of heavy machinery this morning. Looked outside and there were three blue, white and red cement trucks in our compound. Today is a big day at the construction site, pouring cement to the moulds. If this is not done well, there will be lots of problem with the house later. It’s public holiday today and the trucks were stuck in traffic, slowing down the progress today. We decided to spend the day in Kampung House, away from the noise and dust of construction site. At about 11am, the power in Kampung House suddenly went dead. No electricity at all. P went to check and discovered that our power pole broke from its base, most likely hit by one of the cement trucks.

Kampung House is still without power but at least the concrete floor is now done.

Happy Tomb Sweeping Day!

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