Corn harvest

玉米田裡和週邊的樹下都是猴子吃剩的玉米。我們的稻子叫做三分之一米,因為三分之一給鳥吃,三分之一給親友吃,剩下的自己吃。看來玉米也要分三分之一給猴子吃。那山豬要分配多少呢? After three weeks of rain followed by sunshine, the corns shot up and so did the weeds. Monkeys have […]

Cabbage family

I haven’t had much luck with growing Brassicaceae (/ˌbræsɪˈkeɪsii/) or Cruciferae (/kruːˈsɪfəri/), commonly known as the cabbage family. (十字花科中文名譯自舊稱Cruciferae) You can […]

Mystery bean

我菜園有一株豆類的植物長的特別好。現在開漂亮的淺紫花。不曉得是什麼豆子? I sowed a variety of bean seeds and this one thrives and is now flowering. Wonder what kind of […]