Impromptu dance

Gu Mingshen (古名伸) runs an impromptu dance camp in Taidong every year at Taidong university. Impromptu dance taught me how to connect with other people through our bodies. Physical intelligence has always been my weakest area.

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Our first home

This little cottage was our first home. It sits in the compound of our friend’s house. The cottage is has a basic en-suite room with a huge outdoor kitchen, which also functions as our living room. Cooking in this outdoor space reminds me of being in Malaysia.

This place looks great except for the mosquitoes. I mean millions of stealth mozzies, they descent on you within the first 10 seconds of getting out of the car or out of our cottage. We used to have to time ourselves so we would dash from the room to the car in the shortest possible time. At any one time, I would have 10-15 bites on my body.

Land search

On my first trip to Dulan, we were already searching for land. Subsequent trips during the first six months were all about land viewing. Didn’t have much time for sightseeing or just chilling out. Finding the perfect piece of land is just like buying a house. Lots of leg work involved. The more we saw the more confused we became, and fretted that we would never be able to find something nice with our tiny budget.

Google map comes in handy.
Beach or sea-front land was our first choice
Even better if there's a stream on the property
Rain or shine