Full moon

I time my visit so that I can be in Dulan during full moon every month. This picture was taken from my favourite spot in Sugar Factory Cafe, the central courtyard.


We bought this painting from our friend, Tim, the English painter who lives in Dulan.

Moon river

We couldn’t have chosen a better night to host our first dinner at this new place. The moon literally pops up from the horizon and continue to grace us with this golden moon river all night long.

Dulan Bay

What a view to wake up to every morning!

Dulan Bay, viewed from the porch of our place. P and I spent the entire day on the porch yesterday (stark naked of course)  and I ended up with severe sun burn on my front (face, neck, chest, arms). Didn’t realise how strong the UV is reflected from the sea.

Went to Taidong for a hair cut. The long hair that took months to grow is all gone. Long hair is simply too much for the summer heat here. The wonderful people at Miller Aveda Salon took one look at my burned face and without a word, gave me a dehydrating mask treatment. By the way, I absolutely love my new short hair!

Our second home in Dulan

When we lost our first home (the landlord decided to rent it to long-stayer), we weren’t too sorry to lose it.  It was a mosquito-infested place. We had to dash from the door to to the car. Any extra exposure in the open would result in millions of mozzie  bites. I would normally net 15 bites at any one time.

After searching high and low for another suitable place, we found this paradise by chance. The interior is rather basic, a three-room hut made of corrugated iron with a basic but clean bathroom. The outdoor kitchen is amazing. With a BBQ grill, I have the perfect outdoor kitchen. I look out across the fish pond onto the Pacific Ocean, with Green Island on the far horizon.



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KMT Women’s League 婦聯會

Jun 26, 2010

Our friend Phoebe invited P to be a special guest speaker at the Swearing-in ceremony. Established by Madam Jiang (Song Qing Ling), the Women’s League is a KMT organization. Phoebe is now the Chairperson of Women’s League Taidong Country,  a post traditionally filled by the wife of the County Chief.

A lunch is served after the ceremony. The women there absolutely love singing and they sure know how to have fun.

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The lesser of two evils

Choosing the site of our power pole. The electricity company has strict rules on where the pole must be place. The pole must be sited on our land (not on the public land which borders our land). Our first choice was not entertained and we settled for the front of the land. Not ideal but better than the original place recommended.