Top 1. Animals are quintessential part of country life, and we have been blessed with a dog and a dove this year. Xiao Hei, a stray dog arrived at our home at the end of 2020. It’s been a joy watching her transformation, from a scared and hungry dog with sad looking eyes to this muscular yet gentle character, with bounce in her steps.

Exactly 12 months later, a different animal came into our lives. This stray bird arrived here exhausted and scared. After two days of nursing and feeding, I released it from the roof top, hoping that his wings are strong enough to generate enough lift. With a tinge of sadness mixed with glad, I watched him flew away to his freedom. To my surprise, he came back next day and never left again. Dove is a symbol of love and peace, and I take this as a sign of blessing. May we all find peace and love in this holiday season.

Top 2. Nonzero Farm is starting to really look like a farm, and not a construction site for our farm house. Apart from rice, we now established two separate areas for aroma farm and avocado plantation. Both are still in their infancy state, but the starting effort is beginning to yield results. Nonzero Farm is a work in progress, a 10 year project. An working and living experimental farm. It’s been fun connecting with brilliant people in their fields like organic agriculture, aromatherapy, architecture and landscape design to realize our vision of an aesthetically beautiful working and living farm.

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