The bird of paradise ( Strelitzia reginae) is finally blooming, after two long years! We are rewarded with one precious flower out of four plants. Isn’t it gorgeous! If this is bird of paradise, what is this other flower then? I was told it is also bird of paradise.

This is Heliconia Psittacorum (False bird of paradise)

After an extensive internet research, I think this yellow flower is Heliconia psittacorum (sometimes called false bird-of-paradise), though there is another Heliconia Subulata which looks identical, the whole flower is yellow.

中文名字好像是黃麗鳥蕉 Heliconia subulata是屬於蠍尾蕉科的一種植物。別名:鸚黃赫蕉、小天堂鳥蕉、小天堂鳥花。

The confusion is understandable, as these tropical plants belong to three closely related families: Strelitziaceae, Heliconiaceae and Musaceae (banana plants), all placed in the order Zingiberales

How about the traveller’s palm whose flowers are also very similar ? It is certainly not a palm. It is actually in the strelitzia family.


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