What does it mean when a duck comes into your farm and stays? I would like to think this is a good omen, but it is probably just something obvious like the duck thinks it is safe, and there might be some food available in the ponds.

My first sighting of this duck in the avocado farm. It seemed comfortable with our presence, but then Xiao Hei rushed over and chased it away.
Survival instinct is to fly away when chased by a dog
I am pretty sure it is a male adult Muscovy duck, a common breed. It probably escaped from somewhere and now fending for itself in the wild.

We have a babbling brook with 4 small ponds and two larger ponds which are furthest away from the house. This duck, now named Shadow, seems to like the smaller ponds and is not bothered by our presence at all. Xiao Hei is also not bothered by Shadow’s presence, except when I am around, when her hunting instinct kicks in.

Shadow gets bolder with each passing day. He would fly away when chased by Xiao Hei and circled back to the a nearby pond. Now, he comes near our house.

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