Taipei to Taitung morning ritual

Leave home at 6.10am to Songshan Airport to catch Mandarin Airline AE391 departingat 7.10am.

Today the flight takes a huge detour eastward above Green Island before approaching Taitung Airport from the south.

Normally we would grab a quick breakfast at our favourite place before picking up food for the entire stay at the wet market. Today we skipped this and try a new place along the coastline, to enjoy the view and a nice cuppa tea.

Next stop, paying our farmer friend a visit. He grows custard apple, mangoes and coconut. His hobby is catching wasps (farmers hate them because their sting can kill) to infuse medicinal tonic.

Pick up some fresh coconut juice and we are finally on the way home.

Arrived at Naked House at last. Time for a nap.

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