Caterpillar dermatitis 毛毛蟲皮膚炎

The itch started on the inside elbow of my right arm. I thought it was a mosquito bite and didn’t pay much attention. The next day, the itch spreads to the entire lower arm. My arm was covered in rashes and fortunately no blisters.

Must be an allergic reaction. Medication? Food? Mites? Nothing I could do except applying antihistamine cream with steroid to reduce the itch and inflammation.
This is probably caterpillar dermatitis. I must have touched or brushed against poisonous caterpillar in the edible garden, or under a tree. I live in nature and there are trees everywhere. 
Now I know why long sleeves are recommended when in the wild.
Day 2
Day 2
Day 7



1. 急診內科醫生說是毛蟲造成的皮膚炎,自己會好,可以吃抗組織胺的藥。原則上不要洗太熱的水,會癢的話可以冰敷,盡量不要抓。有些人的過敏反應,並不會在當下就產生,而是在一、兩天後。


毛毛蟲身上的「毛」,含有毒素。裡面有組織胺(histamine)、組織胺釋放素(histamine liberators)、血清素(serotonin)及蛋白酶(protease)等化學物質。若毛毛蟲直接掉在人的衣服或皮膚上,或是這些「毛」隨著風,飄落在人的衣著上或皮膚上時,會直接刺激皮膚皮膚(irritation)或間接的誘發皮膚的過敏反應(allergy)。這兩種作用,都會誘發毛毛蟲皮膚炎。主要分佈的位置為脖子、腋下、四肢內側、腰部及足部。


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