Savor your water. Savor your day

Ping and I set up the Ripplemaker Foundation to make a difference through entrepreneurship, community regeneration and circular economy innovation. This is our first experiment, putting the bottles of our beloved Antipodes water, which is already certified as carbon neutral, into the glass circular economy. Thanks to the help of Ting-An Wu of Spring Pool Glass, we turn these beautiful bottles into tumblers which can also be used as storage jars for seeds and spices.  


Enjoy this amazing mineral water from 327m beneath the earth’s surface with the handpicked roselle grown organically in our Nonzero Farm by the Pacific Ocean on the foothills of Dulan Mountain.


Since coming to Taiwan, a society with very high green-consciousness, I begin to notice how much waste we create, especially in the gifting rituals. The gifts must be beautifully boxed and wrapped with multiple layers of protection inside. This became a design challenge for us.

1. The beautiful white box carries a very subtle “savor your water savor your day” message, that’s it. No logos, no other visual branding wordings on it. The box is meant to be re-use, a place to store the postcards and thank-you notes.

2. The roselle from our Nonzero farm was handpicked by the farmer, choosing the most beautiful blooms and dried in an upright position to maintain its shape. We purposely not wrapped the roselle in individual wrapper, to minimise the use of plastics.

3. The glasses come with a lid so they can be used as storage jars for spices. For me, I will use them to store the seeds I collected. Seeds are a source of life!


愛上紐西蘭Antipodes礦泉水是因為玻璃瓶子很漂亮,後來發現它是世界第一也是唯一得到碳中和認證的冠軍水。 喝完水後的空玻璃瓶,如何賦予它們新的價值?這是我們一直在思考的議題。謝謝春池玻璃的吳廷安,幫助我們把Antipodes礦泉水的玻璃瓶再製造成可重覆使用的杯子和可收納種子和香料的器皿。

杯子裡是我們非零農場(Nonzero Farm)有機種植的洛神花。用特別豎立烘乾法,讓它乾燥後仍保持原來的花樣,整朵花在杯中不但依舊是一朵美麗的洛神花,而且可以用Antipodes礦泉水泡製洛神花氣泡飲料。

美與實用,“美”一直是我們的第一選擇。 :)




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