Our dear friend Sakinu. He has been busy adding new wings to his house, to accommodate new members of his growing tribe.

This is the dormitory for girls with attached washroom and a sea-viewing balcony.A wood carving of a toddler sucking on the nipple, designed by Sakinu, signifies the nurturing power of women.

Sakinu put on his traditional costume, and shared the story of Taiwan indigenous people with the visitors from China.

This is the entrance of the married men’s quarters, where they gather after a hunt. Sakinu’s family is traditionally the meat/protein provider to the village.

Sakinu and his tribal brothers decided to cook us their traditional food. The three men went foraging in the morning to prepare this special dish Yao Yao Fan. Seven years in Taitung and I had never had of this dish until a month ago. My friend Aun Koh, the host of TV series Vanishing Foods featured this dish in one of his series. We are so lucky to feast on this authentic Paiwan meal.



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