Our first Zha Han Dan, the bombing of Lord Han Dan 元宵節炸寒單爺

We have lived in Taitung almost 10 years and this is our first time watching the bombing of Lord Han Dan, a Taiwan folk tradition  taking place on the 15th day (last day ) of Chinese New Year. It is an important  event in Taitung.

Lord Handan (played by a real person!) is paraded through the streets wearing nothing but red shorts and a yellow towel around his head while local shops throw bricks of firecrackers at his near naked body. It is believed the greater the amount of firecrackers thrown will bring greater fortune in the coming year.

Lord Handan is considered a god of wealth, one of Wulu Caishen (五路財神) and not fond of cold weather. The bombing is said to help keep him warm. We did not follow the parade around town but stationed ourselves at the host temple 玄武堂,where Lord Han Dan returns to the temple.

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