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  1. Drove past by Nache Villa yesterday.
    What a building!
    What a sight!
    It’s beautiful!
    But can’t seems to get any info on the villa.
    Could you help?

    1. Do I know you? May I know how you discovered my post as it is not easily searchable. Nache villa is only available through referral at the moment.

  2. Hi,
    I have passed by this building several times and have been wondering about if it is available to the general public. I found your blog through google search with key words “nache villa”. Would you please give me some information about how to get a referral fot it?
    Thanks and best regards,

  3. Hello,
    Greeting from American Express Taiwan lifestyle team.
    One of my cardmember is intreasted in your hotel. May I know how she can make a reservation?
    Thank you!

  4. Dear Nache Villa

    Alice 0975-750-880

  5. Hi, my family and I are planning a trip to Taitung. We heard about Nache Villa from a close friend who has a 5-year-old kid. After we look the photo about Nache Villa, we hope that we can have this opportunity to live in. However, we can’t find the reservation page or any information to get contact with the management. Therefore, I would like to ask the contact information or could anyone send the information to my email account?
    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

  6. Hello, enjoy your blog and admire your lifestyle in Dulan. My family just moved from Hong Kong to Kaohsiung and we are looking to move to Taitung . My boys love to surf and we are ready for a more natural lifestyle of wholesome goodness. Any suggestions on how to look for property, short term rentals?
    Would love to meet with you some day to chat.

    Crystal and Richard

  7. Hello Crystal and Richard
    I don’t know if I ever replied to you as there was too much spam and i stopped checking the comments.Now the website is sorted. If you are in Taitung, do let me know.

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