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Updated 2013-03-04

We get asked often for recommendation. The best place to stay, in my not so humble opinion, is obviously our retreat house! But for visitors, there are plenty of great places to stay during your visit. The list here contains places we have either stayed in or visited, or recommended by friends.

蘭民宿 (Accommodation in Dulan, right in the heart of Dulan Village.)

1. 落花鉎 背包民宿 (都蘭Dulan) Groundnut Backpacker Hostel $

訂房專線: 0932-217-470


This is a Ripplemaker Foundation partner and it is a great place for young people or low budget travelers. Right in the heart of Dulan Village, it is great for exploring the village on foot and the owner A-Jay is a keen surfer who is more than willing to point you in the right direction for interesting exploration.

2. 背包狗

Tel: 0922-677-997 Party & Kai
Address: 台東縣東河鄉都蘭村124號 No.124 Dulan Donghe Township,Taitung county 959,Taiwan

Suitable for young people and backpackers. Great location, right next to Dulan Sugar Factory. Popular with English speaking backpackers.

3. Dulan 98 $

Tel: Sonia 0989290446 / Barry 093009191
Address: No. 98, Dulan Village, Donghe Township, Taitung, Taiwan 959

Hostel accommodation suitable for backpackers. Situated in the center of Dulan Village right on Highway 11 across the street from 7/11 and a minute walk from the Dulan Cafe at the Sugar Factory. Online booking available from

4. 都蘭民宿~好的窩 $$

Tel: 089-531702, 0958-164515  馬小姐 or 謝小姐
Address: 台東縣東河鄉都蘭村17鄰37號 (台11線147K處,都蘭新東糖廠對面,往海方向的馬路,秋霞麵店斜對面)

都蘭民宿 (Accommodation in Dulan, further up the mountain. Need own transport. )

1. 月昇都蘭  $$$

Tel:  089-531065 , 0933-519860
Address:  台東縣 東河鄉都蘭村新社30-3號

A very popular place to stay in Dulan. They also run another fantastic guesthouse with a million dollar view 私房景點.

2. 來吹涼風(1館) 和 再吹涼風(2館)  $$$

Tel::0935-987937 或 0912-145562

Friends who have stayed there told me that 來吹涼風 (1館)is better.

3. 聚樂山莊民宿 $$$

TEL:0913301336  鄭先生

都蘭附近的民宿 (Accommodation nearby, within 10 km from Dulan)

1. 私房景點$$$$

Perched on a cliff side on Dulan mountain, this place has the best view of the entire Dulan Bay.

2. Cocosea 椰林觀海民宿 $$$

Tel: 0963-270296 Mr Huang
Address: 台東縣東河鄉都蘭村三鄰郡界68號(台11線151.6K)

Nestled in 25 hectare of lush green surrounding on Dulan mountain. This is the place where Ming runs her retreat workshops.

3. 東河戀/白石牛沙灘海景民宿民宿 $$$

TEL: (089)281276, (089)281688
Address: 台東縣卑南鄉富山村杉原30號(台11線153.6K)

Right by the sea, direct access to the sea. The owner Anita loves baking bread and bagels.

4. 後山海景民宿 $$

Tel: 0910-499899、0932-522500、089-342316 黃太太
Address: 台東縣東河鄉都蘭村那界12號

Located in a small fishing port, walking distance to the sea.

5. 新蘭海民宿 $$

Tel : 0911-191-118  林太太
Address : 台東縣東河鄉都蘭村那界 12-2號

Located in a small fishing port, a minute’s walk to the sea.

6. 南八里 $$$

Tel:0913-275661 陳小姐
Address:台東縣東河鄉興昌村 南八里11-5號

Beautiful view from a high vantage point.

7. 飄逸山嵐 永續生態美學農場 Culture‧ Art ‧B&B $$

Tel: 0928349116
Address: 東河鄉興昌村1鄰南八里

The owner Flying Fish (from Orchid Island) and his wife Hsu Ling are a fun couple to hang around. Talented artists, international, English speaking.

8. 隆昌 花墅B&B $$


A little further away from Dulan, yet still within 10 minutes drive. Good if you have your own transport.

9. 海之藝民宿-大地之母 $

Tel:  089-531707 (Emily 0935061578), (Roman 0988243108)
Address: 座落於水往上流上山5分鐘路程

Lush green, bohemian place right at the base of Dulan mountain. Must have own transport. Owners Roman and Emily speak English.

10. 樂活首都茉莉民宿 $$


台東市 (Taidong city)

1. 少則得民宿:

No. 51號漢中街185巷46弄 Taitung City,  Taitung County, Taiwan 950 Tel: +886 932731986

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