mouse food

My beautiful Bacsac pots are no match for Taitung mouse. I need to do something to prevent a mouse infestation soon.

As the night sky turns into daybreak

At 4am, I am normally sound asleep. This morning, Ping was already up and he had been outside (got up to pee). On this summer night cooled by the breeze from the mountain, the summer constellations are all visible, even in the presence of very bright moon, the type that would cast moon shadow on the ground.

This is the moment that we want to capture in our mind’s eyes.


It’s June, it’s summertime, and we are treated to a nightly fireworks of the blossoming flowers of small-leave barringtonia. An水茄苳/水茄苳.htm

A hole on the dead tree trunk

There’s a tree next to the northern edge of our deck, actually two trees grew up intertwined together, which offers shelters to all kinds of birds.

This morning I discovered a perfectly round hole on one of the dead trunks. It is probably a Taiwan Barbet’s next. . It doesn’t seem to be occupied.

A month ago, dead Taiwan Barbet on our deck, very close to this tree. Perhaps the best belonged to this dead bird!

Best friends

This tree, actually two trees, plays an important role of blocking sits our house from the neighbour’s. One of the trees was thought to be dead, dried up without leaves, for years. Now that we are about to move in to the new house, this tree suddenly sprung into life. Good omen indeed.

Blue cashmere

Our friend fashion designer Isabelle Wen stayed at Naked House over Chinese New Year while we were away in Bangkok. She left a gift, a gorgeous blue cashmere with a matching scarf, both from her latest collection.

Perfect to keep me warm and cosy.